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Moulded FFP2 Valved Dust Masks SE1254


€4.28 Including VAT

Dust masks fitted with two elastic straps , giving a tighter seal. And fitted with a flexible metal strip for tight adjustment around the nose. Protects against tiny micron particles. Ideal for most DIY jobs. BOX: 1O PZ..

Hi Vis Waist Coat


€7.87 Including VAT

The HIVIS waistcoat 2-band and braces waistcoats are fluorescent yellow with reflective tape ensuring you are seen indoors and on site. The Velcro, hook and loop fastening give you a close secure fit and the waistcoat is made from..

Disposable Blue Overshoe (100 PK)


€10.29 Including VAT

Shoe covers allow you to limit the amount of contamination entering a restricted area. Made of blue spunbonded polypropylene with 2 individual spiral antiskid strips applied to the bottom of each shoe cover. Tunnelized elastic aro..

Safety glasses Clear Lens (SE2160)


€9.08 Including VAT

THE SAFETY GLASSES are medium impact, lightweight spectacles in a wraparound style. This style allows most prescription spectacles to be worn underneath. Wraparound style One piece side arms and side shields Can be worn over most..

Standard Safety Helmet Hardhat


€10.89 Including VAT

This Safety Helmet is manufactured from high density polyethylene to provide excellent head protection. Head protection is essential for site workers for protection from falling objects or striking against fixed obstacles. This he..

Ear plug (PAIRS)


€0.48 Including VAT

A highly effective earplug offering excellent attenuation. Very economical, disposable and easy to use. Manufactured from a soft energy absorbing polymer foam which compresses and expands for the perfect custom fit of any ear cana..

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