Products designed to seal gaps and cracks in and around the home. It offers two series – GREAT STUFF™ products for the homeowner, applied with the SMART DISPENSER™ and the GREAT STUFF PRO™ Series, designed for the professional contractor that features precision application, no-drip dispensing and restart ability for up to 30 days.

Great Stuff

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Pro Gun Foam Fixer Kit (6001128/Z02)


€65.95 Including VAT

Special kit with 5 Gun Foam Fixer Window & Door, 1 gun and 1 Gun Cleaner. The ultimate kit for fixing window and door frames. MAIN USES Suitable for use as an aid to mechanical fixing and gap filling around door and window frames...

Gun Foam Fixer 750ML


€7.59 Including VAT

Dow Great Stuff Fire Rated Gun Foam is a high-performance Polyurethane foam that seals, fills, bonds and insulates most construction materials. It offers up to 5 hours of fire rating protection according to BS 476 part 20:1987. Cu..

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